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What’s the PERFECT email length?

Over 3 years ago, I made my first attempt at writing daily emails.

But in those days, I took a different approach than my modern memos.

A bad approach.

Because the problem was… 

I had too much “head trash” back then.

Cause I thought every email had to impart some mystical wisdom… or that it wasn’t good enough unless I wrote 500 words or more.

So I would spend hours crafting well-researched essays, instead of quick little notes.

But then, all that changed… 

I came across copywriters like Matt Furey and Ben Settle, who thoroughly dismantled my bad beliefs about daily email.

They showed me how to stuff short memos full of info + entertainment (in just 15 minutes).

But most important: 

Seeing their success gave me permission to banish my perfectionism.

They proved that it’s OK if your email is only 200 words. 

Heck, even 100 is fine.

Whatever it takes to keep you in the saddle and connecting with your crew DAILY.


If you think daily emails have to be epic-length treatises, then listen close:

You. Are. Dead. Wrong.

A word count isn’t holding you back from publishing daily.

Your beliefs are.

Your pen pal,

Matt Rizvi

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Matt Rizvi

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