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My interview with Ben Settle

I have a lot to thank Ben Settle for.

Without him, his daily emails, and his Email Players newsletter, I would’ve ever had the courage to enter the field of copywriting education and write daily emails of my own.

Which is why…

I was so freaking excited when he agreed to come on the DailyCopywriter podcast and let me pick his brain for about an hour.

On the call, he shared ideas like…

** The “gateway drug” that got Ben into copywriting and the criminal businessman who sold it to him

** What Ben called “a brilliant, perfect book for beginners”

** How Ben got his first 5 clients (and the irresistible offer that convinced them to hire him)

** Why Ben hates giving things away for free (and the exception he reveals in the episode)

** The key trait you should look for in a joint-venture partner (and why lacking it could be costly)

** The politically-incorrect fitness expert that inspired Ben to build a business around daily emails

** How Ben got his very 1st email subscribers — WITHOUT social media

** The one piece of technology that Ben says “screws your brain and your hormones up”

** The event that forced Ben to sleep for 2-3 hours a night for 1.5 months (and the skill he gained from it)

** Why Ben avoids reading emails from other Internet marketing gurus

** What the “ugliest site ever made” can teach about high-ROI brand marketing

** The 4 websites Ben considers a must-read every morning and the lessons in human behavior they teach him

** An emotion in marketing that Ben considers worse than HATE

Point being…

It was a landmark podcast for me.

And if you’d like to listen for yourself, you can check it out here:

Your pen pal,

Matt Rizvi

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Matt Rizvi

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