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Is this too personal?

Forgive me if this is too personal, but I really want to know:

What motivates you professionally?

Do you want to achieve the freedom to work from anywhere on your own schedule?

Do you want to afford the house of your dreams and never worry about money again?

Or do you want the personal challenge of growing a multi-million-dollar business?

There’s no “right” answer here.

And the response is different for everyone.

But I’ve noticed that people’s professional priorities often boil down to 6 things:

** Freedom

** Money

** Personal growth

** Influence

** Recognition

** Or a larger purpose

And so here’s what I did…

Near the beginning of the year, I wrote down these 6 value on a lined piece of paper in order of their priority to me. Then, I used that list to help make decisions that aligned with my top values.

And at first, I considered freedom my most prized possession.

And for a while, it was.

But lately, I’ve realized that freedom also comes with tradeoffs.

For example…

Unaccountability, a lax work schedule, and never being required to go into the office, sound great on the surface.

But when I realized that I was sacrificing the chance to learn from world-class mentors, develop a REAL business, and push my growth to new professional heights, I started to question my values.

And recently, my priorities have started to evolve — especially as I think about my future and long-term goals.

It’s been a light-bulb moment for me.

And it’s taught me an important life lesson.

In other words:

Your values aren’t set in stone.

In fact, they may be costing you more than you realize.

Your pen pal,

Matt Rizvi

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Matt Rizvi

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