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Best (and worst) traits of top Agora copywriters

Last week, I had the insane honor of interviewing Joe Schriefer on my DailyCopywriter podcast.

And for those of you who don’t know, he’s the co-founder of Agora Financial — which is the largest division of Agora and has quickly become an internet marketing juggernaut.

In fact, I heard a rumor that they’re generating over $350 million in sales per year.

And a big part of that is because of their copywriters.

Just consider…

Since the early 2000’s when he helped launch the biz, Joe has worked with dozens of copywriters, including some of the industry’s best (like Jack Forde, Ryan McGrath, Evaldo Albuquerque, and many more).

Plus, Joe is an all-star copywriter in his own right.

In other words:

He knows a thing or three about what makes great copywriters tick.

And it’s not just based off intuition.

You see, Joe was so curious about the traits of killer copywriters that he hired a consulting firm to perform personality tests on his massive copy team, then find patterns between their sales and their personality types.

It was likely the largest psychological study on direct-response copywriters — EVER.

And because Joe is such a nice freaking guy, he was happy to share some of the results on the podcast.

For instance…

Joe’s study found that the #1 characteristic of a top performing copywriter comes down to:


If a copywriter isn’t fiercely competitive, then it’s unlikely that they’ll have the hunger to do whatever it takes to reach the tippy top of the copywriting craft.


… Which for me, wasn’t too shocking.

Instead, my mind was blown by the most common trait of an UNSUCCESSFUL copywriter:


Weird right?

Well, the thing is…

To be a great direct-response copywriter, you gotta spend a lot of time on deep work (not the shallow work that’s typically associated with project management).

What’s more, you need to thrive in chaotic environments when conditions, projects, and outcomes are constantly changing.

Both of which don’t lend themselves well to hyper organized people.

So remember…

If you want to go down the path of copywriting supremacy:

#1: You need to be relentlessly competitive

#2: You can’t be attached to organization

And if you fit that description, then maybe — just maybe — you could be among the best copywriters too.

Your pen pal,

Matt Rizvi

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